By Ernesto Bustos
Call Center Correspondent

MAKATI CITY -- Interface Techno-Phil, Inc. (ITI) is considered as one of the several emerging call centers determined to make its presence felt in several key cities nationwide this 2011. The Asia-Pacific sales and marketing provider’s operations expansion program is a result of the healthy Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) environment that the Philippines experienced last year.

According to data from the Call Center Association of the Philippines, local call centers generated roughly $6.3 billion in revenues last year. A 15-20% increase is estimated to fully occur this year, as more and more multinational companies continue to set-up outsourcing operations in the country.

More than 400,000 college graduates enter the labour force each year according to a research done by ITI Communications. Barely five years ago most graduates from various provinces had to flock to Manila to get the jobs they desired. Most newly graduates still do every year, but those who choose to work for offshore voice-BPO companies now have more than Metro Manila-based sites to choose from.

The call center landscape in the provinces has definitely changed and ITI is scheduled to close in on its 5,000 target workforce by June of this year. To engage more job seekers nationwide to continue developing their skills where they are, ITI is opening satellite headquarters in provincial key cities as it builds its Makati headquarters for central management.

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