Christina Dorset
Asia-Pacific Correspondent

As with a lot of progressive BPO companies on expansion mode, keeping quality performing employees is essential to maintaining positive productivity. After the job fair events have finished, Customer Service professionals are expected to undergo training. This adjustment period in employment is what most human resource experts tout as the source of low level productivity and decline in revenue.

High rates of attrition or negative turnover has been the culprit in some companies' unnecessary investments in various recruitment channels. The effort does yield them the number of replacements their operations need. But for how long?

The key solution to this dilemma is in the rewards program of the company. Both the human resource department and the managers of the CS professionals can ensure effective ways of keeping quality performers in their ranks.

Effective recruitment is the beginning of a successful expansion program. Retention of quality recruits is the next phase. To finally consider one's place in the BPO landscape as expansive, the company needs to make its personnel stay and thrive.

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