Karl Sky
Healthcare Advocate

Setting aside the fearful business climate of some industries in 2012, the year ahead is set to be a lucrative time for small deals primarily in the knowledge service spectrum.

Acquisitions that have been famous in the past years will not be the regular scene in the BPO landscape. Mega deals won't be favored due to advantages brought forth by the success and ease of this year's fragmentation.

In the advent of the Aquino government's promises to make wide ranges of incentives for businesses, offshore BPO gained much ground in terms of attracting new entrepreneurs.

New firms, most of them IT service providers and consultants will be more involved in business process outsourcing, as they are drawn by exciting new opportunities presented by the current business setup.

It is also likely that next year and in the years ahead, a new breed of entrepreneur-professionals like engineers, lawyers, and doctors will find promising endeavors in BPO.

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